Goddess Glam Gang Enterprises was originally formed in 2019 when forces joined to create an affiliation with strong, entrepreneurial women of color. Bringing them together on one common focus- To Remind all women of color that we are all Glamorous Goddesses who deserve to be treated as such! 

September 2019 Raneisha and Nepthys immediately recognized our mutual interest and took no second thoughts in joining forces, combining companies, and creating the one and only store of its kind in the DMV area.

Karmas Kloset became the Headquarters for Goddess Glam Gang. Without hesitation, the ladies of Goddess Glam Gang and Karmas Kloset began the movement of glamorizing and encouraging women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to remember their inner goddess and give herself what she deserves.

The goal was to unify, encourage, beautify, and uplift our hard working, under appreciated, and often overlooked women who work hard every day with very little reward or recognition.

The #GoddessGlamGang set out to network with women from different ages, backgrounds, and cultures to truly understand where to begin. One thing that we found most common, was the seemingly Enormous Lack of these beautiful hard-working mothers, daughters, and sisters (the very species which holds our families together) was FEMININITY and the Feeling of being undesired.

These women wanted to feel glamorous. If only for a day. They wanted to not only be a wife, mother, girlfriend, student or employee. They simply wanted to have a day to get glammed up in beautiful, soft, shiny dresses and outfits which accentuated a figure that they forgot they had. Have their hair styled beautifully and just as perfect as the days when they were able to maintain weekly 5 hour hair appointments, that now seem like an obscured luxury unnecessary today. Allowing a moment of attention to be directly on her. A dimmed goddess sometimes require a Glam Up.

Some goddesses live no other way!

We offer styling services for special events, holidays, weddings and any other moment in time where exuding your inner glamorous goddess is required.

Combining expertise and services, Raneisha and Nepthys have created a one stop shop for all feminine glam needs. From hair customizing services, custom lashes, custom apparel, accessories, make up application services, make-overs, glamour photoshoots and more!

Our focus is to provide you with exemplary, high class service, utilizing top notch certified professionals who are experts in their fields. The #GoddessGlamGang are professionals who utilize the latest technology and cutting edge strategies to ensure that you achieve the look of your dreams and Goddess in you is reflected in your stature!!

KARMAS KLOSET BOUTIQUE  IS THE OFFICIAL Headquarters for Goddess Glam Gang! As the creators and curators of Goddess Glam Gang, we welcome all of our Goddesses to enroll in our email mailing list to stay informed of all of our upcoming events, specials, and special member discounts!