Raneisha "Neisha" Mickens

Karmas Kloset has been managed since 2017 by Raneisha Mickens, a Master Stylist and Houston native. She loved the girls on tv and magazines and she always wanted to look as fabulous as they did on a daily basis. She loved getting "glammed" at the "beauty shop" and then going to church with her grandmother every week.  

She mastered the Honors Acting, Photography, Business Management, and Styling classes throughout out high school and seemed to be on the right track for her dreams THEN she met life.... 


Raneisha met what she thought was the love of her life and had 2 children before she turned 18. Overcoming the cliche of a teenage mother, Raneisha persevered in life continuously focusing on building her name and brand through different schooling and entrepreneurial ventures. The largest of these ventures being Diamond Brand Promotions (an entertainment and marketing firm based in Houston) that supplied talent for various major artist visual productions such as Drake, Bun B, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall just to name a few.

Raneisha learned early the importance of budgeting and branding while maintaining a reputation for always donning the dopest fabrics and latest brands. She came up with the concept of Karmas Kloset believing that you really do receive what you put out in the universe and she was determined to plant good seeds. She started her online boutique in her extra bedroom with the custom pieces in her "Kloset" and make up and lashes done right in the room. She even went so far as to paint the wall mermaid glitter to bring life into her vision. 


Raneisha has grown as a stylist, photographer, and designer through the South and moved to Northern Virginia in 2012 after learning her 3rd child had autism. Following her break up with the father of her son (ultimately stemming from his autistic diagnosis) she knew that in order to continue to grow herself as a leader and entrepreneur in the fashion and beauty industry, she had to spread her wings and venture away. Requiring the family support and stability needed to raise her children lovingly (as well as to continue prospering) Raneisha left the familiarity and comfort of her Southern Roots and came to the DMV (where her mother resided) and began making her mark in the area, just as she took over Houston. 

Her passion for fashion, glamour, beauty, good health and wealth, and the importance of encouraging and uplifting women of all ages, shapes, and cultures forced her to move forth in bringing her vision to fruition. Raneisha has the ability to see the beauty in things and bring forth the light in others and help them to see the illuminated Goddess just waiting to emerge in women everywhere. Her focus was not single visioned, she sought out with the goal to invite women to sit with her; removing the stigma the beautiful, popular, successful women, were essentially rude, cliquish and uninviting.