Nepthys The Goddess

Nepthys the Goddess was born in March 1994 in Atlanta, GA to a Jamaican American mother and African American father. From birth her family knew that she was destined for greatness. Exemplifying a passion for music, beauty and the arts, Nepthys always has exuded an illuminated personality, seemingly marching to the beat of her own drum.


Nepthys moved to Northern Virginia with her mother in 1997 at the age of 3.  She developed her love for Fashion, Music, Makeup and, this goes without saying, Mystical Gods and Goddesses. Nepthys interest in these ancient beings lead her to begin research and study of a time lost long before her existence and found herself universally drawn to the Goddess of Neptune- Nepthys. This Goddess entailed all of the characteristics that she knowingly and confidently associated with herself. Beauty, passion, power, protection, and most of all- the death many suffer while still living. Nepthys learned early that the simplest and slightest beautification ritual, such as a light lipgloss, can transform any negative energy, emotion, or feeling into a positive outlook. 


She realized that self esteem begins in appearance, this ignited her passion to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and release the inner Goddess they were born to be.


Nepthys has maintained an innovative spirit, constantly seeking self improvement internally and externally, while encouraging all within her circle to do the same. She began her desire for world beautification while in her senior year of high school. Beginning her brand in middle school, Nepthys continued to push her initiative throughout high school while attending Lake Braddock in Fairfax, VA. She ultimately became the go-to person for makeup tips, directions, and education. Her knowledge and amazingly humble and loving personality is what gained her the position of Prom Make-Up artist, essentially providing make up services for close to half of the female population attending the festivities.


Nepthys has forever been associated with protector of many, especially those who cannot protect themselves. She thrives off the ability to rejuvenate and reilluminate those that have the feeling that the person they once were, had long died.


Nepthys began her professional career as a make-up artist to the stars right out of high school, pushing the musical thought to the back of her mind, focusing more on building her beauty brand and products. Nepthys has since continued to develop build her portfolio and brand. 


In the process of creating her own make-up brand, Goddess by Glam, she began to pursue, a dream deferred, by creating her own musical project.

Nepthys set out to make sure that all of her dreams were brought to fruition and began making her vision of uplifting, uniting and reminding beautiful women of color of their inner Goddess. Filling them with the courage they require to attain every dream they have ever desired!