KK Cares

2morrows4Ever is a subsidiary and division of Karmas Kloset Goddess Glam Gang, It was created in the efforts to maintain close and giving to the community which supports our brands and vision. As women of color, we have all experienced the fight to exist. The fight to feel. The fight to love. The fight to continue to pursue our dreams of being doctors, lawyers and astronauts that have been deferred due to so many different obstacles and trials; many of which so many of us have battled and lost. 

2morrows4Ever has established programs, classes, and retreats geared toward the education and knowledgeable advancement of women and young girls of color. Many of our women lack the knowledge and often the motivation to learn or even how or where to start. 2Morrows 4Ever is aligned and prepared to assist these women. Our mothers, daughters, teachers, wives and sisters. These women birth and prepare our future.

For this, The Goddess Glam Gang has made it our passion to groom and usher these magical Goddesses to the path they so choose. Through Karmas Kloset, the Goddess Glam Gang’s ‘Return to Glam Program’, Goddesses on every level of life can get what they deserve!

Return to Glam Program

Karmas Kloset Boutique offers several benefit services, free of charge, for those Goddesses returning to their Glam and prepared to live out their true selves! We proudly and graciously offer the following services.

Interview Training

The Goddess Glam Gang is here to assist our jewels in readapting to the workplace by:

  1. Re-training and education on workplace etiquette

  2. Assistance with job leads and placement

  3. Providing education information, job training programs, certificate and certification programs

  4. Internships with Karmas Kloset, Goddess Glam Gang Beauty Bar , and other affiliates

  5. Resume Creation 

  6. Assistance with learning proper workplace attire


Clothing and Toiletry Donation and Dispense Site

Karmas Kloset’s Goddess Glam Gang Beauty Bar and Boutique has an open door policy for all Goddesses that need a little Glam Sister Sparkle! We provide our women with the look, knowledge and confidence they require to reclaim their stake in life an set out to take on the world!

Goddess Glam Gang and affiliates offer:

  1. Volunteer artist for hair and make up application and fast technique instruction for daily glam

  2. Assistance with styling and distributing donated clothing, accessories,toiletries and shoes.

  3. Acceptance and disbursement of all items necessary that any normal, modern-day woman would require for to maintain a confident glow in relearning and readapting to this ever-changing society. We accept and disperse prior cleaned and unused items such as:

  • Clothing

  • Shoes

  • Toiletries

  • Feminine Hygiene Products 

  • Makeup

  • Accessories

And any other products or services that are offered and available to them that we can provide.

Diction and Pronunciation Course

We are currently developing our diction and pronunciation course to assist many of our Goddesses in the proper usage of speech of the most commonly misspelled and misused words in the English language and the proper use of them.

Ainya - _MG_6612.jpeg

Proper Hygiene Instruction

Karmas Kloset and The Goddess Glam Gang will provide instruction and demonstration for those Goddesses who arent always sure of the proper procedure and protocol for maintaining healthy hygiene and habits. Such as:

  1. Proper dental care

  2. Proper feminine hygiene product disposal

  3. Consistent Hygiene Routine

  4. Proper body care and health assistance 

Goddess Glam Gang and its affiliates are determined and passionate in aiding our Goddesses in achieving their highest level of success and happiness. With the stigma and adversity of passed transgressions and mistakes weighing heavy on our reputations, many often find it hard to reenter a community and successfully readjust and persevere in life. It’s even harder to attempt to recover when you have no assistance or even where to begin.